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Warren Haynes & The Rich Hippies
Warren’s House in Asheville, NC
Soundboard recording


1. You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover 6:31
2. Wild Fire 3:27
3. The Letter 3:30
4. Loan Me A Dime 7:35
5. Trouble No More 4:05


Email received by Dan Henry on Mon, October 11, 2004 12:01 am:

Hey man,
My name is Brian Hayes and I wanted to let you know the deal
with the Rich Hippies files you got there. My dad played bass
for them. He and Warren got the band together back in the
summer of 1985 when they lived together in Antioch, TN, a
small county in Nashville. I posted a pic of the band at
http://www.allmanbrothersband.com/index.php?module=My_eGallery&do=showpic&pid=3567&orderby=dateD .
The band’s name was “Rich Hippies”, not Warren Haynes and
the Rich Hippies. >From left to right in the pic, they are:
Dennis Robbins – Slide guitar and rhythm guitar, backing vocals,
Mickey Hayes (my dad) – Bass Guitar and backing vocals,
Mark Dever – Drums, Warren Haynes – Lead guitar, and sitting
on my dad’s anvil briefcase, Tommy Irwin – Steel Guitar. Warren
does not play slide on any of these recordings; it is Dennis
that you hear. This was a project that my dad and Warren did
as a lark after they and everyone else left The David Allan Coe Band,
and also to fill time in between gigs so they could make some
money around town. They only played a few shows here and there
before getting better paying jobs on the road. This was recorded
in the kitchen of my Dad and Warren’s house in Antioch, Tennessee
with 2 Shure 58 mics, one on a stand about ten feet from the
band and one on the floor on a pillow between the kick drum and
bass amp. The vocals where recorded later in the bathroom and
the “audience” you here is from an old live record they had,
that they spliced in the crowd sounds from. I can’t remember
the LP used. The song listed as track 2 is not “Wild Fire”, but
is called “Bad News”. There are not any other recordings, except
for a possible show done in Charlotte, NC at a club that used
to be called Harley Hog and The Rockers, don’t know if it is
still there. By the way, my dad was the person who found Warren
in Asheville, and got him his job with David Allan Coe. They
lived together until Warren was in about his second year with
the ABB, and moved to New York. I am posting this to the ABB
board too, so they know the deal. My dad and I where wondering
where did you get these from? The only copies known were the ones
he and I had, and Warren, Tommy, Dennis, and Mark. A few demos
might have been sent out to some clubs, but not many. Just
wondering. Well, just wanted to let you know, so you can update
the info on your site. Thanks.

Brian Hayes

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    Brian, know your dad well. We went to school together back in Coon and Fike H.S. in Wilson, N.C. Been many yrs since I have seen him. Last time was at Ghost Town, I believe, in the N.C. Mts. Maybe I’ll get to see him again. I remember his sister Marilyn also. Hope you all are doing well. Peace and Love my Brother……

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