Nov 142011
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Warren Haynes
Fur Peach Ranch







Disc 1:
1. Jorma intro
2. In My Life
3. The Real Thing
4. Patchwork Quilt
5. Beautifully Broken
6. Hallejuah Boulevard @
7. Find a River
8. Fallen Down
9. Old Friend
10. That’s Why I’m Here>
11. Soulshine
12. enter Jack Casady

Disc 2:
1. Slow Happy Boys #
2. Allen Woody tribute/enter Jorma
3. Death Don’t Have No Mercy #**
4. I Know You Rider #**
5. Big Boss Man #**
6. After Midnight #**
7. Key To the Highway #**
8. It Hurts Me Too #**
9. enter Spencer
10. E: I Shall Be Released #**$$

@=2nd time played

Warren Haynes – guitar, vox
#= Jack Casady – bass
**= Jorma Kaukonen – guitar, vox
$$= Spencer Bohren – lap steel

Fur Peach Ranch studio>multitrack mixdown>Pre-fm>Woub FM>(unknown recorder)>??>FLAC
This was recorded from two radio broadcasts from the Fur Peace Ranch in Pomeroy, Oh.

this show was uploaded as 2 long tracks with no text file. show was great and sound quality
is super nice, so i decided to track it up, do a text file etc…. tracked out the radio announcements,
and slow happy boys was on both broadcasts, so i removed it from disc 1 so all the “guests”
would be on the one disc. due to the overlap, i was able to rejoin the 2 recordings
after removing Jorma’s intro on disc 2 so the 2 discs are now seamless. not seamless where
I edited out the radio annoncements, nothing I could do there. this may be prefm, recoreded as
it aired, sound is super clean.
thanks to samntuck for seeding this and mmwarchives for source/setlist help.
tracked by damhippy

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  2 Responses to “Warren Haynes [09-20-2008] Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, OH w/ Jack Casady & Jorma Kaukonen”


    I need to dig up my setlist notes as I’m pretty sure there are two songs missing from this recording. I believe this was edited to fit in the time limits of the radio broadcast.


    I couldn’t find my notes but I found where I had posted them on the MA site. This is the whole show.

    Man it’s getting harder to do a search in the threads as the forums are getting closer to being five years old! I had to expand my search to 1,200 days and 200 posts.

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