Feb 052013
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Warren Haynes
The Ritz, New York, NY 
(Ritz Power Jam)
1st Set:
Chicken Shack>
Born Under A Bad Sign+,
Let It Rock+,
Improv Blues in G++,
She Caught The Katie++,
Down The Road+++,
Mess Of The Blues+++,
Little Wing+,
Day Tripper++++,
Hey Joe+
2nd Set:
Hip Hug Her,
Rock Me Baby++>,
In The Night?+++,
Red House+*,
Yonder Wall+*,
She Belongs To Me+++,
Not Fade Away+++,
That’s Heaven To Me+++,
Just Before The Bullets Fly+,
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long+,
Spanish Moon+++++**,
All Along The Watchtower***++++++
Gloria++#> Thank You (For Letting Me Be Myself)**#> Gloria++#
+Warren Haynes on vocals
++John Popper on vocals
+++Noel Redding on vocals
++++Noel Redding, John Popper & Warren Haynes on vocals
+++++Warren Haynes & Trey Anastasio on vocals & guitars
++++++Dave Matthews & John Popper on vocals
*w/Dave Tronzo on slide guitar
***w/The Dave Matthews Band & Trey Anastasio on guitar
#w/Trey Anastasio on guitar & Mike Gordon on bass

Warren Haynes — guitar & vocals
John Popper — harmonica & vocals
Noel Redding — bass & acoustic guitar & vocals
Lincoln Schleifer — bass
Chuck Leavell — keys
Bernie Worrell — organ, clarinet
Jaimoe — drums
Jerome Brailey – drums
Mark Quinones — percussion

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  5 Responses to “Warren Haynes [02-05-1993] The Ritz, New York, NY (Ritz Power Jam)”


    What a fuckin smoker !


    Great show. What’s up with the lack of comments.






    I was at this show, was literally on the rail at the right side of the stage. It was an amazing show, but I have to say it was tainted by John Popper’s ego and overplaying every song. If you listen to the end of Spanish Moon you can hear some awkward stage discussion between Popper and Dave Matthews and Warren chimes in.. Warren brought up DMB to do their version of Watchtower and Popper basically wanted to sing it until Warren shut him down. Then the song starts and it sounds great, first time hearing Dave sing this version, and right after the first verse where the band comes in, Popper is so loud and overbearing it ruins the song.

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