May 302014
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warren plf20140528Phil Lesh & Friends
Rumsey Playfield
Central Park
New York, NY

Set 1:

s1t01 tuning
s1t02 Jam >
s1t03 Not Fade Away
s1t04 Sunshine of Your Love >
s1t05 Sweet Jane
s1t06 Bird Song
s1t07 Just a Little Light
s1t08 West LA Fadeaway >
s1t09 Sugaree

Set 2:

s2t01 tuning
s2t02 Shakedown Street >
s2t03 El Paso >
s2t04 Uncle John’s Band >
s2t05 Stella Blue
s2t06 tuning
s2t07 I Know You Rider
s2t08 Unbroken Chain >
s2t09 The Other One >
s2t10 Terrapin Station
s2t11 – encore break ~ Cody’s Story –
s2t12 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

Phil Lesh, Warren Haynes, John Scofield, Ross James, John Medeski, Joe Russo, Jordan Levine

Recorded by: Seaweed
Source: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48)
Transfer: wavelab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac
Location: Set I: 2nd row directly in front of left stack
Set II: On the railing directly in front of left stack ~ 10 ft away


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  2 Responses to “Phil Lesh & Friends [05-28-2014] Rumsey Playfield, Central Park, New York, NY”


    So obviously that’s not Marty Robbins’ El Paso, if it’s even El Paso. Anybody know?


    The tracks are mixed up here, see the list. Unbroken Chain and Terrapin have swapped places.,..

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