Mar 172012
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Gov’t Mule
Live Music Hall

DVD 1:

Brand New Angel
Steppin’ Lightly
Larger Than Life>
If 6 Was 9>
Larger Than Life
Kind of Bird
No Need To Suffer
Railroad Boy
Monday Mourning Meltdown
Thorazine Shuffle

Playtime:77.30 min.

DVD 2:

Broke Down On The Brazos
Slackjaw Jezebel
32/20 Blues
So Weak, So Strong>
Hand Drums
Brighter Days
Like Flies
Whole Lotta Love>

Soulshine w/ Gospel Intro

Playtime:76.17 min.


Filmed with a Panasonic GS 17 DV Camcorder(handheld) > Corel Video Studio 12 via Firewire > HD > TMPGEncMEGEditor 2.0 > CD WAVE > TMPGEncMPEGEditor 2.0 > TMPGEncDVD Author 1.6(with menü & chapters) > HD > TTD > You


PAL MPEG 2 720×576 25 fps (4:3)VBR 9000 kbps


Linear PCM Wave 48000Hz 1536 kb/s,stereo (2/0)

Audio Source:

audience recording

OKM II-r -> R09HR (48.000kHz, 16bit)

set 1 from row 2 right side, sadly in front of the bass speakers

set 2 from row 1 same position


-filmed left side 10 meters from the stage

-security guys were very tuff

-capacity of the hall were limited to 1200 people

-people moved all the time from front to back rows

-I had to changed the tape after following times:

Cuts are filled with black pictures

DVD 1:

between Railroad Boy and Monday Mourning Meltdown (56.38 min.-57.11 min.)

DVD 2:

begin of Broken Down The Brazos(0.00-44sec.)

between Mule and Soulshine(63.10 min.-64.08 min.)

-camera problems at the beginning of Monday Mourning Meltdown and Broken Down The Brazos(a little bit shakey)

-a part of the drum solo is blocked by heads in front of me

Please do not sell or encode to losser formats. Never ever!!!
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