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Gov’t Mule
September 15th, 1995
The Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA

1. Introduction
2. Mule
3. Rocking Horse
4. Mr. Big
5. Temporary Saint
6. Trane–
7. Third Stone Jam–
8. St. Stephen Jam–
9. Eternity’s Breath
10. Pygmy Twylyte–
11. Blind Man in the Dark
12. Grinnin’ in Your Face
13. Mother Earth
14. Left Coast Groovies
15. World of Difference
16. Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam
17. Painted Silver Light
18 Monkey Hill–
19. She’s So Heavy Jam
20. The Same Thing
21. Just Got Paid
22. Encore: The End of the Line
23. Look On Yonder Wall

Technical Info:
Audience Recording (tripod)
NTSC Format, 720 x 480, 4:3
Video: MPEG-2,29.970 frames/second
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer-2, 48000Hz 224 kb/second, stereo
Bitrate: 5994 kbps, system: 10080 kb/s VBR
Total Running Time: 2:06:29

Video recorded with:Sony Video 8 Pro Digital Stereo Camera Recorder CCD-V220
Audio recorded with:Schoeps CMC 4uk microphone preamps with Mk-41 hypercardiod capsules and Schoeps popscreens, powered by Schoeps BZ941U
Tapes transferred with:Sony EVS3000 PCM and Panasonic DMRE500H stand alone
Files ripped with:DVD Decrypter
Video transcoded with:
irtualDub-MPEG2 1.5.10
Audio transcoded with:VobEdit 0.6 and BeSweet 0.6
Audio edited with:Sound Forge Studio 6.0 and Diamond Cut 5.22
Show edited and rendered with:Vegas Movie Studio 4.0
DVD authored with:TMPGEnc DVD Author
DVD files burned with:CopyToDVD

This was the third volume of the “Planet Hophead” series, which is an extensive collection of music video originally recorded by “Hophead,” beginning in the 1980’s. This volume showcases the powerhouse Gov’t Mule playin’ music fer yer ass! I’d evaluate the audio/video quality as very good, considering the age of the tapes and the technology used. The Planet Hophead logo, resized for a cover, is included in extras.

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