Nov 112011
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Govt Mule
Charles Ives Center for the Arts
Danbury CT

OTS-FOB-2-Beyerdynamic mc930’s(matched stereo pair)(DIN)>
Canare Cables>Marantz-OCM-PMD661@24/48.
Recorded in front of rightside of soundboard
Mics at 12 ft high

Card Reader>Wavlab 5.0>
(waves-ultramaximizer) to dither from 24 to 16 bit in(normal mode)
Fades performed in wavlab.
Flacfrontend to created flac files and FFP
Traders lil helper for md5
recorded and mastered by MULETAPER
24/48 files archived.

Maggot Brain>
Thorazine Shuffle
Dont Step On The Grass Sam
Mississippi Queen
Beautifully Broken
Devil Likes it Slow*
**CHARLES IVES EXPERIENCE**(2 songs together)
1.Georgia on my mind (Ray Charles)
2.Wefairing Stranger (Burl Ives)
The Letter*
Slackjaw Jezebel (with letter tease)

Set 2:

Stella Blue (warren Solo Acoustic)
Patchwork Quilt
(moat banter) warren unserious makes a moat diving comment and one dives in. they laugh as the police excort him off.
Like Flies>
Matt Abts on Drums
The Sky is Crying**with JR.Mack on guitar
Bad Lil Doggie
Blind Man in the Dark

Morning Dew

*with Reggie Pittman on Trumpet and Kris Jensen on Sax
**JR.Mack on guitar

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