Feb 192014
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Mulewith DevonAllmanGov’t Mule
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

Set 1
Mr. High & Mighty
Any Open Window
About To Rage
Inside Outside Woman Blues
Slackjaw Jezebel >
The Letter >
Banks Of The Deep End
Stoop So Low (JB Outro) >
Tributary Jam
No Quarter

Set 2
Done Got Wise
No Need To Suffer
Lively Up Yourself >
Stratus >
Drums >
People Are Strange
Don’t Take Me Alive
Blind Man In The Dark > with Pygmy Twylyte Teases
Riders On The Storm > with My Favorite Things Teases
Blind Man In The Dark

Encore 1
Southern Man with Devon Allman

Encore 2
Bring On The Music
Source: Shur m81>Tascam Dr-100mkII(24/96)
Conversion: Tascam Dr-100mkII(24/96)>Audacity(16)>TLH(8)
FOB at SBD Centered 8’5 High
Taped by Otterman

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  5 Responses to “Gov’t Mule [02-18-2014] The Pageant, St. Louis, MO”


    I like being able to click on the song names better than the numbers.


    Nice that Warren invited hometown boy Devon Allman up for Southern Man




    Warren dude,,, what a show my friend !!!!!!!!!!!! you made that guitar dance, see ya on the road, or in Kansas city, be safe, God Bless, surround us with the light, in our journeys, Paul Martin


    Paul and I went to this amazing St. Louis show, simply unreal! I may only be 45, but have seen shows since 1976 and 1982 regularly have gone to TONS of rock, etc. concerts. This was one of the FINEST live shows I’ve ever imagined….simply over the top! SO glad we got to go….thank you Warren and Crew…one trip of a lifetime from KC to St Lou and back… D of KC

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