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  1. Super excited for 2 nights of Mule in Denver. Please play a lot of cover songs, my wife and I love that!!!

  2. have 2 tix 4 xmas jam…can’t…rodgerbrown59@yahoo.com go. would appreciate only face value

  3. I cannot believe I just stumbled across this site. So cool! I was wondering if there is a trick to downloading shows. Particularly “Weekend with Warren” which was great.



  4. Hello friends! I`m dying to see the entire segment of Warren and Peter Frampton at Samuel Waxman 15 annual collaborating the cure last Nov.15 NYC. Anyone can help? I don´t want anything for free. I mean, we can trade some music ( I have some Govt Mule and Warren videos and audio archives). I have been Peter Frampton and Warren´fan for several years and to see them playing togheter is fantastic. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

  5. Good Morning Mule Army, waiting patiently for you to upload last night’s show! I saw the set list and it was defiantly one to remember!! Wishing you all the Best in 2013!!


  7. Eddie and Sammie

    On our way to see governent mule at the house of blues in ac with eds brother and friend. From the Middle East restaurant!

  8. the mule & the Allmans,peach fest in montague mountain this year,FANTASTIC AGAIN! a couple of the beacon shows in march with the allman bros,FANTASTIC! is their anywhere I can get a mule army t-shirt? love the mule & I am a diehard fan.

  9. Where are the DTW/CLE shows?

  10. Love the site! I used to stream music from here all the time to my iPhone. It won’t work anymore. 🙁 Any ideas why? Can stream from other sites like Deep Nuggets fine. This site works fine on my laptop.


  11. going to the philly show on the 28th in December,3rd mule show this year,just can’t get enough. the mule does some awesome covers & I know a great one for you to do,it fits & I know you would do an awesome job. Steppenwolf’s monster! just a thought.

  12. You guy’s ROCK!!!! Love and Thank You!!!! for posting all these great shows, Warren and Mule are a busy bunch and love being at least “Close to the Moment”. Cant wait for the 7/12 to be posted.

  13. hola muy buenos dias.. me encanta su musica y me gustaria que algun dia vengar a dar su buena musica en mi pais, argentina… gracias por todo, saludos desde Argentina

  14. Looking for tickets to Thursday’s show in Cincinnati. Prefer good seats, no lawn.

  15. Ooooo can”t say I don’ t love this playground….oh yea ya‼️